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What We Do

Services offered by National Construction & Co

Electrical Equipment Erection and Cabling package

We have carried out jobs widely in different Power house project as sub-vender of various companies viz.

Foundations for their factory shed, foundations of various type of heavy machinery such as mill stand and gear box, fly wheels, pinions, melting furnaces, other industrial furnaces, billet casters, kilns.

M/S BHEL, Damodar valley Corporation

M/S Techno Electric andEngg. Co Ltd

M/S Mukand Engineers Ltd.

M/S Chemin (Instrumentation).

M/S Trico (Fire protection system) and other companies.

Equipment Panels of various dimension have been erected at power house under (M/S CHEMIN) at different floors, BTG control Panels at control room, Boiler different floor by deploying the highly skilled gang with proper supervision.

Cablingwork ( Power cable of size 3 Cx 11 KV, 3CX3.3 KV XLPE Cables, L.T Power Cables such as 3.5 x 300 Sq.mmAL, 3.5x 400 and other several lower size power cables .Cable Termination have also done by deploying cable jointer having cable jointing License. Termination of control cables have also done by skilled wire-men.

Service Service

Mechanical Equipment Erection and allied Piping works

Erection of various mechanical equipment’s like Tank of various sizes have been used at DM plant and allied piping of various diameter, ion exchanger have erected by us at DM plant under M/S Driplex and water treatment plant under M/s Geomiller and ETP Plant turnkey package under M/S Clear water Limited.


C&I equipment and Testing & commissioning

Like control panel control deskcontrol panes at BTG control room, LIE, LIR, power cylinder and C&I field instruments are also erected at TG, BTG, Boiler and other areas of 250 MW( 4,5&,6 units ), 500MW at unit# 7 &8 of DVC, MTPS under M/S CHEMIN, 210 MW -2 units under M/S B.B Control, 210 MW one unit under Keltron Controls,600MW -2 units at RTPS, DVC,1X 250 MW DPL unit . Ventilation system of Air Washer & UAF with tank, piping etc. under M/S C. Doctor& Company

Testing and commissioning has been also carried out for the aforesaid job in various project along with testing and commissioning of HT motors through PLC system at intake pump house area.


Cabling, Termination and commissioning

Various sizes of power cables higher size XLPE cable , LT Power cables control cables and C&I cables of around 75 sizes have been laid and terminated and assistance have been also provided for commissioning for the same in various 500MW, 250 MW units of DVC, DPL units ,under M/S ENTECH project Pvt Ltd.


Fire protection system

Erection of microprocessor based Fire protection equipment erected at MTPS unit 4,5,6,7 &8 and 2x 600MW at RTPS various location of the power house and high rise building and allied cable ( mainly FRLS cable)laying and commissioning including smoke detector, multi-sensor detector, Heat detectors, infra-red defectors and fire alarm cables etc.


Paging system (Local address system)

Erection of paging equipment at various location at remote areas from control room, of a large capacity like 500MW capacity thermal plant along with their ancillary unit like DM plant, CW Pp house, water treatment plant, 400KV switch yard, Cooling towers CHP and conveyor system. Power and pair cables have been laid and terminated as well as commissioned the system.


CC TV –Erection and allied cabling work

CC TV has been erected under M/S Concept solution and wave cam at every important corner of the power house and other auxiliary units like 500MW units for monitoring every moment’s activity happening at that position as a precautionary measure.


Electrical maintenance work

Electrical maintenance work (man power assistance work order) for deployment of skilled manpower to DVC for maintenance work at power house and direct job awarded for DVC Colony lighting maintenance work etc.


Cable Tray work and Earthling of Electrical Equipment

Cable trays of various sizes (Fabricated & Pre-fabricated galvanized) are erected for cable route in various project Building Structure, upto500MW capacity Boiler& Lightning protection, High capacity motors Transformers of various sizes. Earth mat grid connection, oil tankers, Earth pit excavation, Electrode erection and filling of pit as per specification.


Erection of LT Transformer and 6.6 KV HT SW. Gear

Two LT Transformers having capacity 1000kVA, 6.6KV/415V,Oil filled ( ON/AN ) have been erected ,including drying out of the Transformer, at CHP and 2 of same capacity transformers have been also erected at 400KV SW. Yard. 6.6 KV, SF6 HT Breakers (24) have been erected at unit#1, DVC MTPS against modification work.


Maintenance and services of DCS

C&I of instruments of boilers and its auxiliaries(including coal-mill, fans), turbine and its auxiliaries (including CW & SEW pumps), compressor house, condenser policing nits (CPU) with re-generation units, CW Treatment units.