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Meet With Our Team management


Has been one of the most vital factor since the day of inception. Our recruiters are into churning to come out with the best from the flock. Their successful endeavor has been the greatest contribution towards the growth of this company.

Nandi Group presents with pride a team that performs above expectation. Our team comprises of Managers, Supervisors, Consultants Auditors and most importantly the Ground Force who actually rolls the stone.

50 Skilled and 200+ unskilled resources comply the current work load of the company and we are still recruiting in search of better.

Mr. B.Nandi

Team Lead

Mr. Amarjit Roy

Sr. Manager (Civil)

Mr. Bikramjit Ghosh

Deputy Manager (Civil)

Mr. Apurba Gorai

Sr. Engineer (Civil)

Mr Apurba Mondal

Manager Finance & Accounts