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Profile Of M/s B. Nandi

Nandi Group has been one of the fastest growing, steadfast and trustworthy organizations in the field of Construction and Electrical Engineering since its inception in 2009 under the brilliant guidance and acumen of Mr. B. Nandi, an industry veteran and an entrepreneur, whose visionary schematic has poised Nandi Group at the helm of the market with the leaders in Eastern India.

Nandi Group of Construction and Electrical Engineering merges skill, dexterity, expertise and innovation with over 300 hand-picked employees executing and delivering projects to clients since its establishment. Nandi Group believes that sustainable growth can only be attained with performance quality and punctuality. With the best industry grade ultra-modern equipment in its arsenal, along with the dexterity of field-certified engineers, Nandi Group brings project visions to life at the most affordable costs and delivers the best of quality.