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Services offered by Nandi Group

Civil Structural & Infrastructure

We have effectively executed the following types of civil construction work for various category of projects specially in steel plants consisting of steel melting division, rolling mill division, ferro alloy division, sponge iron division, galvanizing division

Foundations for their factory shed, foundations of various type of heavy machinery such as mill stand and gear box, fly wheels, pinions, melting furnaces, other industrial furnaces, billet casters, kilns.

Overhead water towers, underground water reservoirs, cooling tower basins, pump houses.

Electrical substations, switch yards including transformers, trenches, pavements, foundation of towers.

Various types of roads like concrete, bitumen, morrum, culverts for internal and state highways.

Administrative building, ware house, staff quarters, labour quarters, drainage system, water proofing & grouting of concretes where ever required.

Refractory insulation work. We also executed civil construction work for various industrial furnaces such as re-heating furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, stress leaving furnaces, annealing furnaces with quenching system with total refractory and insulation work & acid lining.

Construction of check dam including excavation for water reservoir, boulder soling, boulder pitching, guard wall, re-trench wall, over bridge, bridge-ramp.

Service Service


Structural steel work for operation of various capacities of EOT cranes consisting of welded, bolted, riveted, steel columns, crane girders, roof trusses, purlins, sheeting, painting.

Storage bunkers, conveyors, chutes, chimneys, cable trays, watch towers, towers.



Piping for water supply system required - including drainage for our major clients.

Pipeline consisting of jacketed for cold, non-jacketed for steam & sprinkling system for our customers.

Overhead and underground pipeline of various sizes.


Design consultancy

We are having our design consultancy linkage for detail designing of civil & structural work for executing various field of projects specialized in steel industries consisting of sponge iron plant, captive power unit, steel melting unit, billet caster, rolling mills, galvanizing plant, ferrous and non-ferrous castings.